Yet another violent attack has taken place in London: Darren Osbourne, age 47, was arrested after he drove his van into people walking in the streets near a mosque in Finsbury Park, London. In the recent attacks on pedestrians, it is believed that Muslim terrorists were the culprits. This time, the police thinks it is a British terrorist who has targeted Muslims as a revenge. Police in the area say it was clearly an attack on Muslims. He was heard shouting something about wanting to kill Muslims before he drove the van into a peaceful crowd that had just been in the mosque nearby. Mr Osbourne's family were shocked and devastated that someone close to them had attempted murder.  The police have promised more armed forces to lower worries of more attacks. They will position more police near religious places. There has been one death and eleven more injured in the Finsbury Park attack. The man who died was said to be the father of six children. Many people restrained the attacker before police arrived and safely arrested him. People in the area are shaken and frightened to leave their houses. Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labour party, and his MP for the area arrived at the scene and comforted locals. He also said an attack on a place of worship was an attack on everyone. By: Tom
Percy Jackson is the popular hero of a bestselling book series set in an a world inspired by Greek mythology. Two of our reporters in Istanbul have had a chat about the newest book about Percy, "The Lightning Thief".      Maya: Crystal! Have you read the new Percy Jackson book, The Lightning Thief, by Rick Riordan? Crystal: Yes! I have. It’s spectacular. Maya: Could you give me a summary of your favourite part of the book? Crystal: Well… My favourite part is the time when Percy met Annabeth in Camp Half-Blood and he was staring at her while she was practicing her sword skills. Grover told Percy not to stare at Annabeth because she was quite tough. Then in "capture the flags" Percy almost got killed by Annabeth. Maya: I also really enjoyed that part. Now this may be a hard question, since there are a lot of sad moments in the book, but which is the most upsetting part? Crystal: Hmm… that is a tricky question but I think it’s where Percy finds out who the traitor is and that the traitor set up a trap for Percy so Percy was blamed for stealing the lightning bolt. It’s really sad when you find out your friend is a traitor. Maya: I agree, do you have some other comments about the book? Crystal: Yes, I think this book series is very entertaining and very interesting for the people who like Greek Myths! Crystal: What is your favourite part of the Book? Maya: My favourite part of the book was when Percy and Annabeth went to Mount Olympus and actually met the GREEK GODS because it was very funny how the gods were gigantic and Percy and Annabeth were like ants to them. Crystal: Do you think once people read this book they will read nonstop until the last book of this series? Maya: I think it depends on reader if he/she enjoys books based on adventure and mystery. Other books  of the series Percy Jackson you might enjoy: The lightning Thief Sea of Monsters The Titan’s Curse The Battle of the Labyrinth The Last Olympian Percy Jackson and the Greek Gods By: Crystal & Maya
Britain's top diplomat to Syria, Mr Gareth Bayley, knows all about the terrible war that has ravished this Middle Eastern country for several years. Newsnuggets' foreign correspondent in Turkey, Hamish, recently got a chance to ask Mr Bayley many important questions in an exclusive interview.  Here, Hamish tells us more about the background to his scoop: I used to write for Newsnuggets until my family moved to Turkey, and I wanted to continue as a reporter from Istanbul. Since Syria borders to Turkey I wanted to learn more about the war there. I decided it would be good to interview Britain's Special Representative to Syria who knows a lot about it. I also wanted to learn about the peace negotiations to stop the war in Syria.
Our foreign correspondents in Rwanda have interviewed Jean Dusabe, director of Common Everybody, an internet platform that teams up school children around the world. He shares his views on Trump's win that took many of his countrymen by surprise - and who is now a popular person according to Dusabe. Do people in your area care about the US election result? Some people do care, especially those who have a TV in their homes and can watch the news. During the campaign, everyone thought Clinton would win so the whole nation was surprised by the election result. People started sharing news in English and in French on Whatsapp about Trumpization (a new word from Trump) about this surprise win.      Will it have any impact on you and your family? There might be some small, indirect impact, because the US is a powerful country and many Rwandans are keen to visit. However, some people might now feel that it is not as free as it used to be. Also, if some US organizations stop operating in Rwanda then there will definitely be some negative impact.     Which politician is popular in Rwanda at the moment and why? I think it’s probably Trump just at the moment.  During his campaign people thought he was almost just passing time and nobody thought he would actually get voted in.  It seems in hindsight though that he was on the right track. His victory has made people think again about Americans. American’s voted for Trump and this means it’s not only Trump with some unpopular ideas but also the Americans who voted him in.