Yet another violent attack has taken place in London: Darren Osbourne, age 47, was arrested after he drove his van into people walking in the streets near a mosque in Finsbury Park, London. In the recent attacks on pedestrians, it is believed that Muslim terrorists were the culprits. This time, the police thinks it is a British terrorist who has targeted Muslims as a revenge. Police in the area say it was clearly an attack on Muslims. He was heard shouting something about wanting to kill Muslims before he drove the van into a peaceful crowd that had just been in the mosque nearby. Mr Osbourne's family were shocked and devastated that someone close to them had attempted murder.  The police have promised more armed forces to lower worries of more attacks. They will position more police near religious places. There has been one death and eleven more injured in the Finsbury Park attack. The man who died was said to be the father of six children. Many people restrained the attacker before police arrived and safely arrested him. People in the area are shaken and frightened to leave their houses. Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labour party, and his MP for the area arrived at the scene and comforted locals. He also said an attack on a place of worship was an attack on everyone. By: Tom
Fidget spinners go global in a few days.   It's shocking that a tiny fidget spinner can change the world (at least the world of school). Fidget spinners where built for  people with autism or anxiety but now nearly every one has one. Some schools don't like them and say that they distract the pupils. Some say, instead, that they can use them to help in lessons with things such as counting. By: Matt
41% of students over 15 years old play video games twice a week and 77% play once a week. Researchers are saying that social media is better than games, because users are chatting and interacting more. It also allows you to see people face to face on apps like Facetime, but it is still not better than actually talking to someone in person. Let us know what you think!
Scientists are not sure about Planet 9's location yet, but they think it's located just behind Neptune (planet 8). About 6 months ago, you would count the solar system having 8 planets plus our own star, the Sun. But think again. A man called Mike Brown is one who would say "no!" Mike, from the California Institute of Technology, is very interested in looking beyond these 8 planets. "There's this huge part of the solar system that we're only just beginning to learn about", Mike says. Only a bit beyond Neptune is an area of space called the Kuiper Belt which scientists thought was empty only a few years ago. In fact, it is the home to icy rocks and objects and billions of comets. There are also a few dwarf planets such a Pluto. Mike and his workers are convinced that all evidence they have proves that planet 9 exists in space but that it will take several years to find it completely. By: Alexandra