Yet another violent attack has taken place in London: Darren Osbourne, age 47, was arrested after he drove his van into people walking in the streets near a mosque in Finsbury Park, London. In the recent attacks on pedestrians, it is believed that Muslim terrorists were the culprits. This time, the police thinks it is a British terrorist who has targeted Muslims as a revenge. Police in the area say it was clearly an attack on Muslims. He was heard shouting something about wanting to kill Muslims before he drove the van into a peaceful crowd that had just been in the mosque nearby. Mr Osbourne's family were shocked and devastated that someone close to them had attempted murder.  The police have promised more armed forces to lower worries of more attacks. They will position more police near religious places. There has been one death and eleven more injured in the Finsbury Park attack. The man who died was said to be the father of six children. Many people restrained the attacker before police arrived and safely arrested him. People in the area are shaken and frightened to leave their houses. Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labour party, and his MP for the area arrived at the scene and comforted locals. He also said an attack on a place of worship was an attack on everyone. By: Tom
Apple, the world's largest tech company,  has bought a new location to place yet another headquarter. The new building will become its London base. Apple's current net worth is estimated to be $750 billion. That is the same as one fourth of the value of everything that the whole UK produces in one year (its Gross Domestic Product). And Apple's value and is estimated to climb even higher: $1 trillion in 2018. Right now, Apple "leads" with $160 billion ahead of the next biggest company - Google. Google's net worth is estimated to be at $590 billion. Every day, Apple earns $27,276 per second (!!!) selling iPad pros and Smart watches. With the new offices, London is saying welcome to a real giant. By: Akash  
Unfortunately, a terrible attack has taken place on London Bridge, Borough Market. Seven people were killed and approximately 48 people were injured.  What happened was that a lorry rammed into pedestrians on the bridge. Then the attackers jumped out of the car and started hitting at people all around with knives. Many suffered, but some heroes prevented more people from being killed or injured. A Romanian baker put his life at risk for other people's safety. As he saw a person getting stabbed he felt pity for them so decided to throw a crate at the attacker who had a knife. He was one of the people that helped the people that were in the scene of the attacks.   Amazingly, the police was on the scene after only 7 minutes and they had sorted out the situation 1 minute later. All of the terrorists were shot down dead. After they were dead, the police realised that the bombs they looked as if they were carrying were fake. But they did have some other proper bombs. Many people offered their homes for the victims for the night. One of the witnesses said that they saw a girl getting stabbed 10-15 times and the witness could not do anything to stop the attackers.  By: Josie                                                                                                                     
Care/NHS ranks as the most important issue, and the Tories have a strong lead at this stage in the campaign. These are the most striking results from a Newsnugget poll conducted last week in Barnes. Ahead of the upcoming general election in the UK, our reporters took to the street of SW13 to ask people how they feel about the fact that there is a vote; which issues they find most important, and if they have already decided how to cast their ballot on June 8.         Newsnuggets' reporters designed their own questionnaire and spent some time practising how to interview strangers, before heading out in the streets in small groups last Tuesday. They bravely and politely approached a random selection of passers-by; in total, 52 people - half men and half women - agreed to answered their questions. This size sample gives a real idea of where the wind is blowing among voters in Richmond Borough. Below we can present the most interesting results (note: the questions were more carefully phrased than the headings below). What is important to you? The interviewed people got to name which 2 issues they care most about. 31% chose Care/NHS as one of the most important political topics, followed by 20% selecting Education, whilst Brexit and the Economy got 15% each. Less important seem to be immigration (7%), safety (6%), and environment (6%). Like the idea of an election? A strong majority of 58% said that they are either excited about the election, or that they are interested. 31%, however, think that an election should not have been called at this point. This is quite a polarized set of opinions! Have you made up your mind yet? 67% of respondents say that they have decided already how to vote. 26% don't know yet - quite a significant group that politicians will want to sway over the next week until the election. Who will you vote for? It can be sensitive to ask which party a person intends to vote for - after all, in a democracy the vote is secret. Our reporters asked very gently though, to tell them if they want, which party they believe would do the best job in power. These were the answers (ranked) Conservative/Tories 45% Liberal Democrats 14% Labour Party 9% Green Party 5% UKIP 0% 18% say they don't know, and 8% that they don't like any of the parties above. After this poll took place, Labour has done increasingly well in nation-wide surveys, and a lot has yet to happen in the campaign, such as important TV-interviews with the party leaders. Next Thursday, we'll know how correct the Newsnuggets poll turned out to be. If you want to share your own opinion, take our poll here. By: Cecilia, on behalf of Barnes Newsnuggets