Newsnuggets Network is a media-literacy club and independent news site made for and by children, with the support of adult journalists and professionals.

By taking part in weekly sessions at their local school, children aged 8-14 develop into confident, rigorous, fact-checking young reporters who can contribute content to the website.

Our aspiration is for all participating children to gain the intellectual skills and hands-on journalistic experience required to approach “grown-up” news and feel empowered to engage in the world around them.

The club aims to instil democratic values and ethical editorial standards early on. It teaches kids to be curious with confidence, helps create enthusiasm and a sense of entitlement to engage with any idea or topic. It helps build connections with children in schools abroad, teaches them about a variety of perspectives and works against extremism of any kind.

Newsnuggets Network has strictly no religious or political affiliation. We work to support an objective, scrutinizing approach to news, and for an inclusive, tolerant society.