Yet another violent attack has taken place in London: Darren Osbourne, age 47, was arrested after he drove his van into people walking in the streets near a mosque in Finsbury Park, London. In the recent attacks on pedestrians, it is believed that Muslim terrorists were the culprits. This time, the police thinks it is a British terrorist who has targeted Muslims as a revenge. Police in the area say it was clearly an attack on Muslims. He was heard shouting something about wanting to kill Muslims before he drove the van into a peaceful crowd that had just been in the mosque nearby. Mr Osbourne's family were shocked and devastated that someone close to them had attempted murder.  The police have promised more armed forces to lower worries of more attacks. They will position more police near religious places. There has been one death and eleven more injured in the Finsbury Park attack. The man who died was said to be the father of six children. Many people restrained the attacker before police arrived and safely arrested him. People in the area are shaken and frightened to leave their houses. Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labour party, and his MP for the area arrived at the scene and comforted locals. He also said an attack on a place of worship was an attack on everyone. By: Tom
Two Dutch journalists have been abducted in Colombia near the Venezuelan border. Many different rebel groups, carrying weapons, and drug trade makes the area dangerous. The names of the journalists are Derk Bolt and Eugenio Follender.  They went missing at the weekend in Catatumbo. The two journalists were in this area because they were searching for the mother of a Colombian child who was adopted in the Netherlands just a few years ago. The Colombian authorities tweeted a demand "for the immediate release of the two men." Kidnappings like this one have happened before in Colombia - last year the ELN rebel group kidnapped a Spanish journalist and several Colombians in the same area. All were later released. The Colombian army says it has sent specialist forces to the region to search for the Dutch men. They will do anything to get them back home safely. They were only trying to find someone's mother and did not want any trouble. They work for the Dutch TV programme "Spoorloos", which means "without a trace", and works to find relatives that have gone missing. Derk Bolt is a presenter and Eugenio Follender a cameraman. By: Elise
Unfortunately, a terrible attack has taken place on London Bridge, Borough Market. Seven people were killed and approximately 48 people were injured.  What happened was that a lorry rammed into pedestrians on the bridge. Then the attackers jumped out of the car and started hitting at people all around with knives. Many suffered, but some heroes prevented more people from being killed or injured. A Romanian baker put his life at risk for other people's safety. As he saw a person getting stabbed he felt pity for them so decided to throw a crate at the attacker who had a knife. He was one of the people that helped the people that were in the scene of the attacks.   Amazingly, the police was on the scene after only 7 minutes and they had sorted out the situation 1 minute later. All of the terrorists were shot down dead. After they were dead, the police realised that the bombs they looked as if they were carrying were fake. But they did have some other proper bombs. Many people offered their homes for the victims for the night. One of the witnesses said that they saw a girl getting stabbed 10-15 times and the witness could not do anything to stop the attackers.  By: Josie                                                                                                                     
Care/NHS ranks as the most important issue, and the Tories have a strong lead at this stage in the campaign. These are the most striking results from a Newsnugget poll conducted last week in Barnes. Ahead of the upcoming general election in the UK, our reporters took to the street of SW13 to ask people how they feel about the fact that there is a vote; which issues they find most important, and if they have already decided how to cast their ballot on June 8.         Newsnuggets' reporters designed their own questionnaire and spent some time practising how to interview strangers, before heading out in the streets in small groups last Tuesday. They bravely and politely approached a random selection of passers-by; in total, 52 people - half men and half women - agreed to answered their questions. This size sample gives a real idea of where the wind is blowing among voters in Richmond Borough. Below we can present the most interesting results (note: the questions were more carefully phrased than the headings below). What is important to you? The interviewed people got to name which 2 issues they care most about. 31% chose Care/NHS as one of the most important political topics, followed by 20% selecting Education, whilst Brexit and the Economy got 15% each. Less important seem to be immigration (7%), safety (6%), and environment (6%). Like the idea of an election? A strong majority of 58% said that they are either excited about the election, or that they are interested. 31%, however, think that an election should not have been called at this point. This is quite a polarized set of opinions! Have you made up your mind yet? 67% of respondents say that they have decided already how to vote. 26% don't know yet - quite a significant group that politicians will want to sway over the next week until the election. Who will you vote for? It can be sensitive to ask which party a person intends to vote for - after all, in a democracy the vote is secret. Our reporters asked very gently though, to tell them if they want, which party they believe would do the best job in power. These were the answers (ranked) Conservative/Tories 45% Liberal Democrats 14% Labour Party 9% Green Party 5% UKIP 0% 18% say they don't know, and 8% that they don't like any of the parties above. After this poll took place, Labour has done increasingly well in nation-wide surveys, and a lot has yet to happen in the campaign, such as important TV-interviews with the party leaders. Next Thursday, we'll know how correct the Newsnuggets poll turned out to be. If you want to share your own opinion, take our poll here. By: Cecilia, on behalf of Barnes Newsnuggets
Britain's prized defence protects the skies above Britain 24/7,  365 days a year. It is the fastest in its fleet. The strongest. The most agile. It's the Eurofighter Typoon Jet.  2 Eurojet EJ200 Turbofan's engines produce 16,200 lbs of thrust. This makes the Typoon jet capable of flying at the speeds of up to 2495km per hour which is the equivalent to the speed of sound . It weighs  in at 11,000 kg and can fly for 3,790 km. With only 4 manufacturers it is a unique jet. As of April 2017, only 5oo of these jets have ever been made. By Akash  
Over the last weeks, there have been a number of scary attacks in Europe.   On the 22 of March 2.42 pm a man called Khalid Masood attacks Westminster killing 5-12 people 1 including a police man being stabbed.He drove over Westminster bridge. In Stockholm on April  7th 2017 a man hijack a truck and drives over a few people before crashing into a department store. Paris - Champs Elysee, 2 police men were killed, just before the first round of the presidential election. All police in the European countries are trying to prevent these incidents from happening again. People should not be scared because many more people die from car accidents every year than from terrorist attacks. By: Matt
One of the most evil terror attacks seen by this country is the Manchester bombing. Out of the resilience of American singer Ariana Grande, she put on a concert for the people who were affected by the bomb.  There were lots of tears during this concert. Ariana called up a particularly strong lineup. This goes as following: One Love Manchester - Full set list Marcus Mumford – Timshel Take That – Shine Take That – Giants Take That – Rule The World Robbie Williams – Strong Robbie Williams – Angels Pharrell Williams – Get Lucky Pharrell Williams and Miley Cyrus – Happy  Miley Cyrus – Inspired  Niall Horan – Slow Hands Niall Horan – This Town Ariana Grande – Be Alright Ariana Grande – Break Free Little Mix – Wings Ariana Grande and Victoria Monet – Better Days Black Eyed Peas and Ariana Grande – Where Is The Love? Imogen Heap – Hide and Seek Children’s choir with Ariana Grande – My Everything Mac Miller and Ariana Grande – The Way Mac Miller – Dang!  Ariana Grande and Miley Cyrus – Don’t Dream It’s Over Ariana Grande – Side to Side Katy Perry – Part of Me Katy Perry – Roar Justin Bieber – Love Yourself Justin Bieber – Cold Water Ariana Grande – Love Me Harder Coldplay and Ariana Grande – Don’t Look Back in Anger Coldplay – Fix You Coldplay – Viva La Vida Coldplay – Something Just Like This Liam Gallagher – Rock n Roll Star Liam Gallagher – Wall of Glass Liam Gallagher and Coldplay – Live Forever Ariana Grande and the cast of One Love Manchester – One Last Time Ariana Grande – Somewhere Over The Rainbow All of these amazing singers took up their time to perform in this heart warming concert. The idea was to stand up against terrorism and stay strong. Some gave a speech about the attack and some sang songs linked to the theme. Ariana finished it off with One Last Time and Somewhere Over The Rainbow. It was a very successful night. By: Adam 
Apple, the world's largest tech company,  has bought a new location to place yet another headquarter. The new building will become its London base. Apple's current net worth is estimated to be $750 billion. That is the same as one fourth of the value of everything that the whole UK produces in one year (its Gross Domestic Product). And Apple's value and is estimated to climb even higher: $1 trillion in 2018. Right now, Apple "leads" with $160 billion ahead of the next biggest company - Google. Google's net worth is estimated to be at $590 billion. Every day, Apple earns $27,276 per second (!!!) selling iPad pros and Smart watches. With the new offices, London is saying welcome to a real giant. By: Akash  
Student Otto Warmbier was sentenced to 15 years hard labor for stealing a banner with a political slogan from his Pyongyang hotel. Warmbier, aged 21, was arrested and sentenced to hard labor in the prison camps of North Korea for taking down a single poster. Americans fought for his return to his home country. After getting the permission to return to his home country, America - by the time he had arrived at the shores of - he died. He said a Church group had told him to bring back a 'trophy' from his trip. Otto begged for forgiveness at a press conference in February but it did not help. USA professor, Katherine Dettwyler was sacked due to her saying 'he was a clueless white male and got what he deserved.' By Freya.    
Win the chance to tell your story of….. A Special Journey  In July 2017, CommonEverybody are running a competition in collaboration with Why Comics? Education Charity and PositiveNegatives and SCOOP Magazine.  The Challenge: Write a story under the theme ‘A Special Journey’. It can be a story about you, or someone else, physically travelling somewhere, or it can be an emotional journey you’ve had, like starting a new school, moving etc. If you don't want to write about yourself, why not ask a family member or friend to tell you their story? Maybe your grandparents have some interesting stories to tell?  The Prize The winning story from each category will be turned into an amazing comic by one of PositiveNegatives brilliant professional artists and published in Scoop’s September 2017 birthday edition. The winners will have the chance to talk to the artist about their story too J How to Enter? Submit up to 500 words by 21 July 2017 Either email your entries to!  or send it to: Scoop Magazine, Studio 3, The Print House 18-22 Ashwin Street, London E8 3DL. There are two categories: 1) Children aged 8-10 years old (UK school years 4-6) and 2) Children aged 11-13 years old (UK school years 7 & 8)  Want to Know More? All entries must have your name, school year group, an adult contact name and email address. Deadline for entry:              21st July 2017 Winners announced:          4th August 2017 Who’s behind the competition?  The award-winning non-profit PositiveNegatives has been producing literary comics, animations and podcasts about contemporary social and human rights issues, since 2012. Why Comics? is their educational charity bringing human rights and social issues into the classroom through literary comics based on real-life stories. SCOOP is a children’s magazine aimed at engaging children with the written word in as many exciting and entertaining ways as possible. CommonEverybody believe that friendships broaden horizons. Their secure web based platform links learners one-to-one and helps to strengthen school partnerships by allowing children from different schools and countries to interact and work together. Children learn about each other, new places and most importantly find common ground by working collaboratively together.
For years, pandas have been on the brink of extinction. They were even chosen as the symbol for the World Wildlife Fund. Thanks to the conservation efforts they have now been mating and that has rescued the species - for mating. All thanks to conservation efforts (breeding in captivity, for example), Pandas are growing in number. More pandas are having babies and mating. This is a good thing because more pandas can now live a happy life in nature. Here are a couple of facts about pandas: in 2014 there were 1864 giant pandas alive in the wild; giant panda numbers have increased from around 1000 in the late 1970s; giant panda numbers have risen by 17 percent. Here is a question; how much money have people spent on conservations to help the pandas survive? People have spent loads of money on pandas as they are the most expensive animals in the world to keep, five times more than elephants. One thing we should all remember is to always help animals that are endangered. Because things can change!  By: Emma
Recently, the people of Turkey voted on an important issue: Should the country's president get more power or not? Two of our reporters in Istanbul tell us more and comment on what the vote might mean. April 16th 2017 Turkey voted on a referendum to decide the future powers of  President Reccip Tayyip Erdogan. People were voting about if they wanted President Erdogan to have full executive power (which means he can make more decisions himself, without having to convince other people first). This was an important world event because Erdogan’s decisions can affect citizens of other countries too. In Turkey we voted if  we want Reccip Tayyip Erdoğan to have full executive power over the country. Based on this fact some people in the news media have called him a “dictator”. In our opinion if Erdoğan takes full power over Turkey, and makes all the choices on his own, then he might choose wrong. This graph shows the number of votes people gave. You can see that it was a pretty even result.   Votes % Yes (we want Erdoğan to win) 25,157,025 51.41% No (we don't want him to win) 23,777,091 48.59% z   Image source : Red- No Green-Yes The vote was simply between “Evet” Yes and “Hayir” No. Those voting Hayir, were in favor of maintaining the parliamentary system. While those voting Evet, wanted to give Erdoğan executive presidency in certain situations which means he will have more direct power over Turkey. Some people voted yes because of the positive decisions Erdogan has made in the past, and others because of what he says he will do in the future. Now that he has full executive power we feel like he might be less open to the ideas of others. We can already see some changes such as the banning of Wikipedia and less social media. Twitter might possibly be banned in the future. Would you have voted Evet or Hayir? By: Tala and Gulabe
Percy Jackson is the popular hero of a bestselling book series set in an a world inspired by Greek mythology. Two of our reporters in Istanbul have had a chat about the newest book about Percy, "The Lightning Thief".      Maya: Crystal! Have you read the new Percy Jackson book, The Lightning Thief, by Rick Riordan? Crystal: Yes! I have. It’s spectacular. Maya: Could you give me a summary of your favourite part of the book? Crystal: Well… My favourite part is the time when Percy met Annabeth in Camp Half-Blood and he was staring at her while she was practicing her sword skills. Grover told Percy not to stare at Annabeth because she was quite tough. Then in "capture the flags" Percy almost got killed by Annabeth. Maya: I also really enjoyed that part. Now this may be a hard question, since there are a lot of sad moments in the book, but which is the most upsetting part? Crystal: Hmm… that is a tricky question but I think it’s where Percy finds out who the traitor is and that the traitor set up a trap for Percy so Percy was blamed for stealing the lightning bolt. It’s really sad when you find out your friend is a traitor. Maya: I agree, do you have some other comments about the book? Crystal: Yes, I think this book series is very entertaining and very interesting for the people who like Greek Myths! Crystal: What is your favourite part of the Book? Maya: My favourite part of the book was when Percy and Annabeth went to Mount Olympus and actually met the GREEK GODS because it was very funny how the gods were gigantic and Percy and Annabeth were like ants to them. Crystal: Do you think once people read this book they will read nonstop until the last book of this series? Maya: I think it depends on reader if he/she enjoys books based on adventure and mystery. Other books  of the series Percy Jackson you might enjoy: The lightning Thief Sea of Monsters The Titan’s Curse The Battle of the Labyrinth The Last Olympian Percy Jackson and the Greek Gods By: Crystal & Maya
A few weeks ago I went to Athens, the capital of Greece. I was interested in the fact that almost everything looked normal considering the government is in a huge debt. It was the complete opposite of what I thought Athens would be like. Some Greek people we met said that Greeks would prefer to help their own children than to pay their taxes to the government so as to help the country as a whole. Maybe a reason for this could be that Greeks don’t trust the government to use the tax well that they pay to the state. It is a fact though, that if each person just looks out for their family, rather than contributing to the government, nothing good will be done for the country and the crisis will steadily get worse. For example, two parents wouldn’t give their money to their children for them to spend it on building a new hospital, which is something the government could do.       However Greece gets out of the crisis, it will be a struggle since the country needs to pay back 382 billion € to several different countries that they have borrowed from. As well as being in debt, which means having to pay huge interests on its loans, Greece at the same time has to pay for its own country's needs, like healthcare and military upgrades. The expatriate people we stayed with said that many Greek people went around their business as usual but that they are being very careful about how much they spend, for example “making a coffee last a whole afternoon”. This shows that there is after all a difference to before and that Greeks recognize that they and the country are now a fair deal poorer and have to save their money more.
We always hear about what tourists and visitors like to see in London: Buckingham Palace, London Eye, and Tate Modern perhaps. But what do the Londoners themselves appreciate most with the town they live in? If you live in London, have your say!  
Monkeys are known to be rather good at drawing and painting. But who knew that horses can be artists too? An old race horse with serious injuries to his legs has painted to earn money for his medical treatment. Metro was once a very successful race horse. However, the racing took its toll - Metro's legs have serious medical issues. Luckily, his owner had an idea: to make the horse paint paintings. He realised that a horses strokes with a brush are completely different to humans strokes and though the horse's paintings might not resemble anything in particular they are completely unique. And to be fair, many human paintings are abstract too! Metro's paintings have earned Ron (his owner) £270. This has helped to pay for a specific medical treatment. (Picture: similar looking horse to Metro) By: Ed
When something is difficult to talk about, it can help to express it in images instead of words. An organization called PostitiveNegatives has taken this to heart. They let professional illustrators draw the stories that people with a troubled background tell them, such as refugees. PositiveNegatives also work with schools via a charity called Why Comics? We talked about Why Comics? in Newsnuggets and a few reporters got keen on giving the idea of telling a story with images a chance. Below, Cassia has illustrated how seeing people in Africa (on telly) suffer from famine made her stage a cake-sale at school to raise money. By: Cassia and Cecilia
In Barnes Newsnuggets, we recently worked on the topic of dictatorship. Our reporters acted out the different roles of generals, judges, media, cronies and people to see how the system differs from democracy. Hannah and Mina got interested and looked up something about North Korea; a country that is called a dictatorship by many people.
Fidget spinners go global in a few days.   It's shocking that a tiny fidget spinner can change the world (at least the world of school). Fidget spinners where built for  people with autism or anxiety but now nearly every one has one. Some schools don't like them and say that they distract the pupils. Some say, instead, that they can use them to help in lessons with things such as counting. By: Matt
Fidget spinners have recently become a craze in schools and annoy may adults, but do these toys perhaps have a benefit ? Fidget spinners were originally a modest way of helping restless children calm down by playing with something else than their pens or rubbers. But now various versions of fidget spinners have turned into a complete craze in schools all over the UK. Everyone wants them. I have three fidget spinners and get bored of them very quickly. Fidget spinners are now more of a toy than something that will help you. Lots of spinners have lights and other distracting things so they are not really something that helps concentration. They also get very noisy with age, when they are not so oiled any longer. To tackle this you could use a fully silent tangle. By: James
Father Ubald Rugirangoga, a priest from the Cyangugu Diocese of Rwanda, suffered greatly in one of greatest horrors of modern history - the 1994 Genocide of the Tutsi people. During the genocide, Father Ubald lost 80 members of his family and 45,000 parishioners. He forgave the man who killed his family and even adopted that man’s children when there was no one to care for them. He has played a big role in the implementation of the reconciliation program in Rwanda. Father Ubald has a God-given gift of healing and preaches powerful message of forgiveness. From 17th – 23rd April 2017 he was at Muganza parish to pray for the sick people and preach about forgiveness. During this week, Father Ubald had time to talk to different groups of people, people with general problems in their families, survivors of 1994 Genocide and people who were in prison because they had killed people during Genocide. And on Sunday 23rd April, everyone came together. From 8am to 5pm in the GS Muganza school play ground, Father Ubald preached about forgiveness and when he shared the sacrament many people got healed and were relieved from their sins. Note from the editor:- Since the 1994 Genocide, Rwanda has embarked on an ambitious justice and reconciliation process with the ultimate aim of all Rwandans once again living side by side in peace.   The reconciliation process in Rwanda focuses on reconstructing the Rwandan identity, as well as balancing justice, truth, peace and security. The Constitution now states that all Rwandans share equal rights. Laws have been passed to fight discrimination and divisive genocide ideology. Source:
The two-time F1 champion Fernando Alonso is on his way to the triple crown. The Spanish driver won in Monaco, and he has been training for Indy 500 (the American version of F1 that is raced on an oval track) at McLaren Honda. Fortunately, the Honda engine is able to compete with Chevrolet's engine - its biggest competitor. It will be a relief for him to be driving fast again. Many drivers think that Alonso has the race-pace but others doubt it. It will certainly be a challenge! The speed is much faster in Indy 500 than F1, with only four straightforward corners. In the qualifying round, 35-year old Alonso's average speed was 370 km/h! There is no such thing as braking in Indy. Will Alonso be able to adapt from F1 and be a winner?     Now reporting after the race and i am extremely sad that his pace couldn't last until the end. An engine failure occurred near to the end of the race. He had the lead for 3 laps but Takuma Sato  took the win. I am sure Alonso is disappointed but he will have a chance next year. By Tom.    
This F1 season has been, in my opinion, one of the best ever. The cars have gone fully retro with wider wheels and a fin on the back on the car like an aeroplane. Furthermore, it is not a one-team season. The Ferrari team have stepped up and Vettel is at the front of the pack after 5 races. Lucky for us, the next race is in the one and only Monaco grand Prix. One surprise is that Mclaren Honda driver is taking  a short break from F1 to do the Indy 500. Jenson Button is replacing him even though he retired after last season. Vettel stands 6  points ahead of Hamilton with 104  and the two Finns of Raikonnen and Bottas in 3rd and 4th. The two Red Bull cars are in 5th and 6th. It is a change from the pure domination of Mercedes last year. But who will win the title? It is all to play for in Monaco next weekend. This is the new Red Bull car for 2017 season. By: Tom
The Southern Rwandan Secondary Schools Athletics Competition was held on 26th April 2017. It included athletes from five districts - Nyaruguru, Gisagara, Huye, Nyamagabe , Rusizi and Nyamasheke Districts in Rwanda. The competition took place in Huye District at the Huye stadium. There were eight different running events: 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1500 m, 3000m, 5000m, and the 10,000m. In the 8 running events, schools from Nyaruguru District had good results. This positioned Nyaruguru Distrct in second place after Huye District. Our school, G.S. Muganza participated but only took part in two running events - the 400m and the 800m. A special mention in these two events goes to GS Muganza athletes NIYODUSENGA Donatha and NYIRANEZA Donate,  the two GS Muganza girls who were awarded bronze medals. Afterwards, I wanted to know how our ladies felt about wining bronze medals. Here are questions I asked them and their answers: Q: What class are you in ? A We’re both in Senior 2 (UK Year 8 ) at GS Muganza School. Q: What age did you start running? A: Nyiraneza - I started athletics when I was 11 years old when I was in P4 (UK Y4). I used to run with friends and used to participate in athletic competitions at school. A: Niyodusenga - I started athletic games when I was in P6 (UK Y6). I was 14 years old and I remember the first time we went to a competition but I could not get to the final.   Q: How do you feel now about you gaining a victory over others and getting a bronze medal? A: Nyiraneza, I feel so happy to be able to get to the end of the competition and gain a bronze medal. It's was my first time to get to this level and now I understand I can do it I think I will do even better next time! A: Niyodusenga - Me and my friend, Nyiraneza have been entering these competitions since primary, but we could never get to the finals. In primary, we use to lose in the middle of the competition but now we are here! I really feel so happy to get this medal, I feel so proud of myself and I believe my school and our parents will be happy for us too.