Care/NHS ranks as the most important issue, and the Tories have a strong lead at this stage in the campaign. These are the most striking results from a Newsnugget poll conducted last week in Barnes. Ahead of the upcoming general election in the UK, our reporters took to the street of SW13 to ask people how they feel about the fact that there is a vote; which issues they find most important, and if they have already decided how to cast their ballot on June 8.         Newsnuggets' reporters designed their own questionnaire and spent some time practising how to interview strangers, before heading out in the streets in small groups last Tuesday. They bravely and politely approached a random selection of passers-by; in total, 52 people - half men and half women - agreed to answered their questions. This size sample gives a real idea of where the wind is blowing among voters in Richmond Borough. Below we can present the most interesting results (note: the questions were more carefully phrased than the headings below). What is important to you? The interviewed people got to name which 2 issues they care most about. 31% chose Care/NHS as one of the most important political topics, followed by 20% selecting Education, whilst Brexit and the Economy got 15% each. Less important seem to be immigration (7%), safety (6%), and environment (6%). Like the idea of an election? A strong majority of 58% said that they are either excited about the election, or that they are interested. 31%, however, think that an election should not have been called at this point. This is quite a polarized set of opinions! Have you made up your mind yet? 67% of respondents say that they have decided already how to vote. 26% don't know yet - quite a significant group that politicians will want to sway over the next week until the election. Who will you vote for? It can be sensitive to ask which party a person intends to vote for - after all, in a democracy the vote is secret. Our reporters asked very gently though, to tell them if they want, which party they believe would do the best job in power. These were the answers (ranked) Conservative/Tories 45% Liberal Democrats 14% Labour Party 9% Green Party 5% UKIP 0% 18% say they don't know, and 8% that they don't like any of the parties above. After this poll took place, Labour has done increasingly well in nation-wide surveys, and a lot has yet to happen in the campaign, such as important TV-interviews with the party leaders. Next Thursday, we'll know how correct the Newsnuggets poll turned out to be. If you want to share your own opinion, take our poll here. By: Cecilia, on behalf of Barnes Newsnuggets
In addition to the in-person street poll that Newsnuggets conducted in Barnes last week (see article here), we'd also like take the temperature of our online visitors ahead of the general election on June 8. Please, give your anonymous answers in the poll below. Anyone can reply, children as well as adults.
In Barnes Newsnuggets, we recently worked on the topic of dictatorship. Our reporters acted out the different roles of generals, judges, media, cronies and people to see how the system differs from democracy. Hannah and Mina got interested and looked up something about North Korea; a country that is called a dictatorship by many people.
Banksy is the tag-name of a famous street artist who no-one has seen - only in a hoodie that covers his face. His paintings often look very real, as if someone could walk out of it any moment.         We do know that he is British and that he makes comments about life and society by making art on the walls of buildings in the dead of the night. He has also made a movie about street artists, called "Exit through the Gift Shop". Banksy's most recent artwork is a comment on Britain leaving the European Union, and here is James' take on it. ?  
Election fever is gripping the politicians after the Prime Minister's surprise decision to hold a snap election on June 8. All parties have started to woo the voters with promises. The Labour party has announced that if they pull off an election win they will add 10,000 more policemen to the force. They have also made a popular promise that four new bank holidays will be added in the calendar - free days for everyone that would come before the four British patron saints' days.  It is clear that Labour is determined to win this snap election or just get more seats for their party. The Conservatives are also pushing very hard to get more seats which they think will lead to a smoother Brexit (less resistance from a weaker opposition in Parliament). The Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn says that the loss of 20,000 policemen that has happened over the last years is unacceptable. He think he has a solution to this by simply adding more. They are pulling everything out of the bag to win this election. By: Tom  
Drones are a very popular way of smuggling drugs and phones into gaol. They help interns getting phones into prisons so that they can still control what is happening in the outside world. In short: a criminal can continue being a criminal. Drones are used so that even though someone is in prison he or she can still continue their bad businesses (most often selling drugs) without much interruption. Now that the guards have realized what is happening, they make sure that every one that visits isn't part of what they are doing outside prison.   There are 80,002 people in UK prisons today. This means that 80,002 people could be selling drugs, using their phones, even though they are locked up in prison. Of those, there are 9,176 women in prison and 70,826 men. Altogether,that's a lot!
Britain's prized defence protects the skies above Britain 24/7,  365 days a year. It is the fastest in its fleet. The strongest. The most agile. It's the Eurofighter Typoon Jet.  2 Eurojet EJ200 Turbofan's engines produce 16,200 lbs of thrust. This makes the Typoon jet capable of flying at the speeds of up to 2495km per hour which is the equivalent to the speed of sound . It weighs  in at 11,000 kg and can fly for 3,790 km. With only 4 manufacturers it is a unique jet. As of April 2017, only 5oo of these jets have ever been made. By Akash  
Over the last weeks, there have been a number of scary attacks in Europe.   On the 22 of March 2.42 pm a man called Khalid Masood attacks Westminster killing 5-12 people 1 including a police man being stabbed.He drove over Westminster bridge. In Stockholm on April  7th 2017 a man hijack a truck and drives over a few people before crashing into a department store. Paris - Champs Elysee, 2 police men were killed, just before the first round of the presidential election. All police in the European countries are trying to prevent these incidents from happening again. People should not be scared because many more people die from car accidents every year than from terrorist attacks. By: Matt
1. The Largest Ambulance Convoy The largest ambulance convoy has been dispatched to Syria. The team of drivers are a volunteers who have given up their time to go to Syria with the ambulances to tend to wounded citizens and soldiers. Five different charities funded the movement. 2. An Uber Ambulance  A crowed funded organisation has opened in the Dominican Republic which provides free medical help to those who neeed it. The volunteers communicate by text to arrange the rescue making it an Uber like system. 3. A Circular Runway Doctor Henk Hesselink from The Netherlands Aerospace Center proposed a design for a circular runway. He believes that a circular runway will decrease queues which will improve flights. However some safety aspects are worrying to the public. 4. A Concord Float By An amateur photographer snapped a rare shot of  a concord shaped cloud floating over Ribblehead in North Yorkshire. The concord was retired in 2003 after a Crash in France that killed 109 people. By: Akash
The Gare du Nord in the French capital Paris has reopened after a security alert. Platforms were evacuated by armed police on Monday evening. No details have been reported about the operation of one of Europe's busiest train station: local media reports that the police were looking for three suspects. France is under a state of emergency since the Paris attacks of 2015. The three suspects were spotted in Bordeaux and Marseille, as well as in Paris. They were described as dangerous. police had launched operations in each city, but were unsuccessful in catching them. Images posted on social media show that the police and police vehicles were guarding around the station. Paris police said on Twitter (in French): "End of security checks. Gradual return to normal." France has been on a high state of alert since the November 2015 attacks by so-called Islamic State that killed 130 people. By: Freya  
Girls with top national exam results were rewarded by the Imbuto Foundation, supported by the First Lady Her Excellency Mrs Jeannette Kagame, when they came to GS Muganza School on 27th March 2017. The girls were all from different districts: Nyaruguru District, Nyamagabe District and Huye District. Girls from Level 1 - P6, (UK Y6) receiving top marks were each awarded school materials such us school bags, books, note books, pens and other kit. In addition, they were given RWF 50,000 (approx. £47) each to open a bank account. The Imbuto Foundation also rewarded girls who received top marks at Level 2 - O Level National Exams. These girls also got school materials and prize money as above. Level 3 included girls with top results in Senior 6 (UK Year 12). They all got laptops and have been funded to go on short ICT training courses. The total number of girls who were awarded prizes in all levels was 31. The Nyaruguru District Mayor reminded them that they should do their best at school to get enough knowledge to contribute to the development of the country .
Heavy rain fell like cats and dogs last Saturday destroying some roads, buildings and crops and killing five people across the country. The main road that connects Kigali city to Karongi city in Northern Province, Rwanda was closed for one day on 6th May 2017 because of a landslide caused by the rain. Fortunately no one was injured in this incident.
Percy Jackson is the popular hero of a bestselling book series set in an a world inspired by Greek mythology. Two of our reporters in Istanbul have had a chat about the newest book about Percy, "The Lightning Thief".      Maya: Crystal! Have you read the new Percy Jackson book, The Lightning Thief, by Rick Riordan? Crystal: Yes! I have. It’s spectacular. Maya: Could you give me a summary of your favourite part of the book? Crystal: Well… My favourite part is the time when Percy met Annabeth in Camp Half-Blood and he was staring at her while she was practicing her sword skills. Grover told Percy not to stare at Annabeth because she was quite tough. Then in "capture the flags" Percy almost got killed by Annabeth. Maya: I also really enjoyed that part. Now this may be a hard question, since there are a lot of sad moments in the book, but which is the most upsetting part? Crystal: Hmm… that is a tricky question but I think it’s where Percy finds out who the traitor is and that the traitor set up a trap for Percy so Percy was blamed for stealing the lightning bolt. It’s really sad when you find out your friend is a traitor. Maya: I agree, do you have some other comments about the book? Crystal: Yes, I think this book series is very entertaining and very interesting for the people who like Greek Myths! Crystal: What is your favourite part of the Book? Maya: My favourite part of the book was when Percy and Annabeth went to Mount Olympus and actually met the GREEK GODS because it was very funny how the gods were gigantic and Percy and Annabeth were like ants to them. Crystal: Do you think once people read this book they will read nonstop until the last book of this series? Maya: I think it depends on reader if he/she enjoys books based on adventure and mystery. Other books  of the series Percy Jackson you might enjoy: The lightning Thief Sea of Monsters The Titan’s Curse The Battle of the Labyrinth The Last Olympian Percy Jackson and the Greek Gods By: Crystal & Maya
A few weeks ago I went to Athens, the capital of Greece. I was interested in the fact that almost everything looked normal considering the government is in a huge debt. It was the complete opposite of what I thought Athens would be like. Some Greek people we met said that Greeks would prefer to help their own children than to pay their taxes to the government so as to help the country as a whole. Maybe a reason for this could be that Greeks don’t trust the government to use the tax well that they pay to the state. It is a fact though, that if each person just looks out for their family, rather than contributing to the government, nothing good will be done for the country and the crisis will steadily get worse. For example, two parents wouldn’t give their money to their children for them to spend it on building a new hospital, which is something the government could do.       However Greece gets out of the crisis, it will be a struggle since the country needs to pay back 382 billion € to several different countries that they have borrowed from. As well as being in debt, which means having to pay huge interests on its loans, Greece at the same time has to pay for its own country's needs, like healthcare and military upgrades. The expatriate people we stayed with said that many Greek people went around their business as usual but that they are being very careful about how much they spend, for example “making a coffee last a whole afternoon”. This shows that there is after all a difference to before and that Greeks recognize that they and the country are now a fair deal poorer and have to save their money more.
In 2003 , the musical of Matilda was first performed. One of our Newsnuggeters went to see this music filled drama and decided to share the differences between the book and the musical.  1. The first difference is that in the book, the mother was not an Italian ballroom dancer but a bingo player. In the musical, when she was pregnant with Matilda, she was very impatient because she wanted to catch the plane she needed to get to the Italian ballroom semi finals. 2. It is in the school assembly where Bruce Bogtrotter tackles the chocolate cake punishment. In the musical, it happens in the classroom. 3. In the book, it was Matilda who asked her father if she could stay with Miss Honey.  In the musical, it is the other way round. 4. When Mr Wormwood's hair is accidentally dyed, in the book , it turned a platinum blond/grey kind of colour, whereas in the musical, it turned lime green. 5. The musical doesn't include the part where Michael, Matilda's brother, and Mr Wormwood calculate the amount of money they made after selling five worn out cars.
One Direction singer- Louis Tomlinson was arrested for violently attacking a police officer and a tourist while filming a new music video. He was with his girlfriend when a photographer started taking photographs and then Louis  pulled the photographer to the floor. There are many different stories about this incident  and lots of views of this. One is that during this video a mob of girls were swarming his girlfriend and apparently attacking her. Louis then barged his way to his girlfriend and in the process knocked over a photographer. It could have been prevented if the photographer had moved out of the way in time. Afterwards, Louis started to attack the policeman who arrested him. Louis had to go to prison for four days. Many people find that it was deserved since nobody has the right to attack a policeman.
When something is difficult to talk about, it can help to express it in images instead of words. An organization called PostitiveNegatives has taken this to heart. They let professional illustrators draw the stories that people with a troubled background tell them, such as refugees. PositiveNegatives also work with schools via a charity called Why Comics? We talked about Why Comics? in Newsnuggets and a few reporters got keen on giving the idea of telling a story with images a chance. Below, Cassia has illustrated how seeing people in Africa (on telly) suffer from famine made her stage a cake-sale at school to raise money. By: Cassia and Cecilia
Father Ubald Rugirangoga, a priest from the Cyangugu Diocese of Rwanda, suffered greatly in one of greatest horrors of modern history - the 1994 Genocide of the Tutsi people. During the genocide, Father Ubald lost 80 members of his family and 45,000 parishioners. He forgave the man who killed his family and even adopted that man’s children when there was no one to care for them. He has played a big role in the implementation of the reconciliation program in Rwanda. Father Ubald has a God-given gift of healing and preaches powerful message of forgiveness. From 17th – 23rd April 2017 he was at Muganza parish to pray for the sick people and preach about forgiveness. During this week, Father Ubald had time to talk to different groups of people, people with general problems in their families, survivors of 1994 Genocide and people who were in prison because they had killed people during Genocide. And on Sunday 23rd April, everyone came together. From 8am to 5pm in the GS Muganza school play ground, Father Ubald preached about forgiveness and when he shared the sacrament many people got healed and were relieved from their sins. Note from the editor:- Since the 1994 Genocide, Rwanda has embarked on an ambitious justice and reconciliation process with the ultimate aim of all Rwandans once again living side by side in peace.   The reconciliation process in Rwanda focuses on reconstructing the Rwandan identity, as well as balancing justice, truth, peace and security. The Constitution now states that all Rwandans share equal rights. Laws have been passed to fight discrimination and divisive genocide ideology. Source:
41% of students over 15 years old play video games twice a week and 77% play once a week. Researchers are saying that social media is better than games, because users are chatting and interacting more. It also allows you to see people face to face on apps like Facetime, but it is still not better than actually talking to someone in person. Let us know what you think!
Scientists are not sure about Planet 9's location yet, but they think it's located just behind Neptune (planet 8). About 6 months ago, you would count the solar system having 8 planets plus our own star, the Sun. But think again. A man called Mike Brown is one who would say "no!" Mike, from the California Institute of Technology, is very interested in looking beyond these 8 planets. "There's this huge part of the solar system that we're only just beginning to learn about", Mike says. Only a bit beyond Neptune is an area of space called the Kuiper Belt which scientists thought was empty only a few years ago. In fact, it is the home to icy rocks and objects and billions of comets. There are also a few dwarf planets such a Pluto. Mike and his workers are convinced that all evidence they have proves that planet 9 exists in space but that it will take several years to find it completely. By: Alexandra
On Tuesday the 15th of November the Newsnuggets team made a trip to the heart of our political system: Houses of Parliament in the center of London. The team took a train from Barnes into London Waterloo where we walked to the Houses of Parliament. When we arrived, we first had to go past security guards who don't have a license to kill (we asked to make sure!) However,  when we were leaving we saw guards with rifles and pistols. We then got to go inside a room where a video was projected on to all four walls, showing us the long history of the building. Believe it or not, but the building was burned down not once but twice! After the film, we had a tour around the palace where we got to see some security locks and rooms with gold leaf and gold plated furniture. We also got a chance to step inside the House of Lords - the room where previous kings and queens have stood (and still stand during the opening of the parliament each year). We were then allowed to watch a live debate in the House of Commons. The team headed back after a lovely excursion. I decided to see what the team thought of the excursion. This is what they said. 1. What did you think of the Houses of Parliament? 2. What did you think about the the debate we saw in the House of Commons? Mina: 1. I found it quite interesting how the speaker had to be neutral! In addition, I thought that there was a surprising amount of security. 2. It was quite strange how the speaker had control over everyone. Josie: 1. I found it interesting and found out things i never knew existed. 2. It was very strange but I got to see how it work and was set out.
The two-time F1 champion Fernando Alonso is on his way to the triple crown. The Spanish driver won in Monaco, and he has been training for Indy 500 (the American version of F1 that is raced on an oval track) at McLaren Honda. Fortunately, the Honda engine is able to compete with Chevrolet's engine - its biggest competitor. It will be a relief for him to be driving fast again. Many drivers think that Alonso has the race-pace but others doubt it. It will certainly be a challenge! The speed is much faster in Indy 500 than F1, with only four straightforward corners. In the qualifying round, 35-year old Alonso's average speed was 370 km/h! There is no such thing as braking in Indy. Will Alonso be able to adapt from F1 and be a winner? By: Tom    
This F1 season has been, in my opinion, one of the best ever. The cars have gone fully retro with wider wheels and a fin on the back on the car like an aeroplane. Furthermore, it is not a one-team season. The Ferrari team have stepped up and Vettel is at the front of the pack after 5 races. Lucky for us, the next race is in the one and only Monaco grand Prix. One surprise is that Mclaren Honda driver is taking  a short break from F1 to do the Indy 500. Jenson Button is replacing him even though he retired after last season. Vettel stands 6  points ahead of Hamilton with 104  and the two Finns of Raikonnen and Bottas in 3rd and 4th. The two Red Bull cars are in 5th and 6th. It is a change from the pure domination of Mercedes last year. But who will win the title? It is all to play for in Monaco next weekend. This is the new Red Bull car for 2017 season. By: Tom
Ueli Steck, who is a Swiss climber said to be one of the best of our age, died on one of Everest's ridges on Sunday 30th of April. For good reason, he is also known as "the Swiss machine".  Steck had set many records, like climbing the north face of the Eiger in 2 hours 22 minutes, and being the first person to climb the south face of Annapurna, a mountain in Nepal, which got him his nickname. He was known for his very quick assents without ropes. Ueli Steck has captured many people's attention because of his amazing records and perseverance. He also took the risk of climbing without ropes, which means that if he fell he would not be able to stop himself. He slipped off mount Nuptse, another intimidating mountain near Everest and he plummeted to the foot of it. He was attempting the west ridge of Everest which connects with mount Nuptse. Not much is known about his death due to there not being many witnesses. One man questioned the name "Swiss machineâ". He said that Ueli Steck was a gentle and kind person. Not like a machine at all. Before he died, Ueli Steck said he didn't climb for the records but for challenging himself and pushing further than anyone before.