A deadly attack by a crazy man occurred in Westminster at 2.42 pm on the 22nd of March. It included one stabbing and a deliberate car accident. Five people have been killed: three by the car, a policeman who was stabbed, and the attacker himself who was shot by the police. Most of the area around Big Ben, and Westminster Bridge, was locked down an
Drones are a very popular way of smuggling drugs and phones into gaol. They help interns getting phones into prisons so that they can still control what is happening in the outside world. In short: a criminal can continue being a criminal. Drones are used so that even though someone is in prison he or she can still continue their bad businesse
Britain's top diplomat to Syria, Mr Gareth Bayley, knows all about the terrible war that has ravished this Middle Eastern country for several years. Newsnuggets' foreign correspondent in Turkey, Hamish, recently got a chance to ask Mr Bayley many important questions in an exclusive interview.  Here, Hamish tells us more about the background to h
On Monday 13th March, a few lucky Newsnuggets reporters went to Westminster Abbey to attend the yearly Commonwealth Service.  There were several royals present, as well as some other recognizable faces.  Here is an account of our day with the Queen. We left at lunchtime and travelled by bus and train to arrive in Westminster by the time the ser
At the moment, citizens of Wales and England who are cruel to animals are being sent to prison. Battersea Dogs and Cats Home are demanding that a longer sentence in prison is made as the currant time is six months. Despite being famous for their love for animals, England and Wales have the shortest sentence for animal cruelty  of all the countri
As a result of the Heathrow expansion our long-term MP Zac Goldsmith recently resigned as an MP. In fact, he did so in Barnes Primary school's year 6 class room. Now there has just been a by-election held and it turned out that his opponent, Liberal Democrat Sarah Olney, was the stronger candidate. The two main candidates were Sarah Olney from t
British Train company Southern, are going on strike for a total of 3 days. This makes many commuters angry. Another strike. This means people who live in the countryside will have big trouble getting to work. This will annoy passengers immensely but Southern has so far seemed to feel more sorry for themselves than for passengers: They have rece
It may be fifty years before the women and men are paid the same for the same job, says a new report. If they are paid differently, it's called a gender pay gap and there is much talk of it.  The pay gap is due to many different things, such as differences in education, differences in the job men and women choose to do, differences in the types o
A few weeks ago I went to Athens, the capital of Greece. I was interested in the fact that almost everything looked normal considering the government is in a huge debt. It was the complete opposite of what I thought Athens would be like. Some Greek people we met said that Greeks would prefer to help their own children than to pay their taxes to th
Two weeks ago, a British cruise ship accidentally rammed into one of Indonesia's most beautiful coral reef, causing severe damage. Locals were very unhappy as their beloved reef is important for attracting diving tourists. A local said to media: "I was born here, I was in tears when i saw this damage. The damage is huge and acute. it could take 10
Recently, a lizard was found with a fish-scaled back. This gecko only lives in Madagascar. Scientists named it Geckolepis megalepis. This lizard is able to detach its skin easily and it is believed to escape predators this way by leaving attackers with a mouthful of scales instead of the actual body. The gecko can grow back its skin but it takes
Farah was born in England but grew up in Syria. Last year, she was arrested by the Syrian government security forces, who accused her of being an activist against the people in power. She now blames Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian president, for torture she witnessed whilst in captivity. She sees him as a bigger menace even than the Islamic State. Fa
Our foreign correspondents in Rwanda have interviewed Jean Dusabe, director of Common Everybody, an internet platform that teams up school children around the world. He shares his views on Trump's win that took many of his countrymen by surprise - and who is now a popular person according to Dusabe. Do people in your area care about the US ele
ANALYSIS - Trump’s win over Clinton took many by surprise. A man who is considered selfish, racist and a hypocrite by many, with such a limited view that he can't see beyond the concerns of himself will rule the strongest country on earth when he takes over from Obama now in January. Here is what our Turkey Correspondent observes. Some believe t
The massively popular English singer and songwriter Ed Sheeran will soon release a new album called Divide that fans have been waiting eagerly for. All his albums are named after mathematical operations which means that he is expected to create a Subtract album next, as it is the only operation he hasn’t done yet. First he released three singles
The past weekend saw the release of a much anticipated fantasy film based on a script by JK Rowling: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, playing in the world of Harry Potter (but before his time). This is want Ella, Mina and James, who have seen the movie, think about it. Did you enjoy the film? -Yes it was fantastic!  It had a plot ful
Our teacher, Dalexis, is 29 years old. He has been a teacher at G.S. Rusuzumiro for 6 years. He teaches English to four different classes in P4 (Year 4) - classes A, B, C and D. Dalexis is single and doesn’t have any children. His favourite hobby is football and he enjoys gardening to relax. This is a picture of our new News Club and today we ask
Last Thursday was the Kivu Sector* Athletics Competition for secondary schools where some exciting and different talents were launched. There was a total of seven different running events 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1500m, 3000m and the tough 5000m as well as jumping. 15 schools took part in the competition and Rusuzumiro came a very respectable 6th pl
Electric cars are becoming more popular and they are being produced all over the world. Designers and companies put in a lot of effort and money in making them really attractive to buyers and here Newsnuggets presents the hottest among future coming cars. 1. Faraday Future 91 Newcomer for 2018 January, this car is in a competitive battle with T
According to scientists there is a risk of cancer if you eat browned toast. They recommend that you should eat slightly golden toast in order to reduce the risk of this deadly disease. Acrylamide is a chemical substance that is found in starchy food and during animal testing it was found that this is chemical increases the risk of cancer. Five ste
On Tuesday the 15th of November the Newsnuggets team made a trip to the heart of our political system: Houses of Parliament in the center of London. The team took a train from Barnes into London Waterloo where we walked to the Houses of Parliament. When we arrived, we first had to go past security guards who don't have a license to kill (we aske
After an unsteady start to the Six Nations rugby tournament, England finally got a good game against Scotland. They won 61-21. What England really wanted was another grand slam and a world record of successive victories. But they were up against Ireland! Ireland had stopped New Zealand on their 18th game. Could they do the same to England? It turn
Electric car racing is building up to an exciting sport. Much like in regular Formula 1, there are spectacular accidents in the e-races as well. For example, one of the company Devbot's electric, driverless cars crashed at high speed on the 18th of February,  before the "Formula e" race at Buenos Aires race course in Argentina. Roborace and the o
It's half-term time, and many families go skiing in the Alpes. But should they be skiing ski off-piste, despite the risks of severely injuring themselves? That wonderful powder snow tempts many skiers off the marked slopes. But not everyone is careful enough. Recently, three people died in an avalanche at a popular ski resort in the French Alps