From: St Osmunds
Star wars has been a worldwide phenomenon, entertaining almost three generations and has been the inspiration of many toys, video games and much more. But how has this film franchise become what it is today? Star Wars was created by a director called George Lucas, who owns a film company called LucasFilm. The first film he made was called A New Hope and was released in 1977. At that time Mr Lucas did not know the phenomenon it would become so he did not use the fanciest effects. In fact the lightsaber that Luke Skywalker used was made of a bike handlebar, a rod and finally a camera shutter for the button to switch it on. The same lightsaber is used in The last Jedi which is coming out this week. After the fans' reaction to the first film it became clear that George Lucas and his team would have to make a sequel. Not soon after, there were three films : A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back and The Return of the Jedi. Those films made their director think in greater depth about the story line, so number one became number four and two became five and three became six. Three prequels were made and they all made fans crazy about this new franchise, it was like that for a few years. Nothing really was made except for a couple of new toys and video games until Disney (a much loved film company) decided to buy the company which Mr Lucas owned. By then, all the famous Star Wars actors such as Harrison Ford, Mark Hamil and Carrie Fisher had aged so they not only had to ask them to join again but had to summon a cast full of fresh new faces. Since then two films have been made : The Force Awakens (another sequel) and Rogue One (a spin off). The Last Jedi is released in the UK on Friday the 15th of December. Buckle up your seat belts, Star Wars fans, because Disney are planning to make at least four more films.  Will you watch them all? By : Inigo  
From: Rusuzumiro
Azam Rwanda premier league champions, Rayon Sports were crowned winners of the 2017 Agaciro football championship on Saturday 16 September 2017 at Amahoro stadium, on the third match day of the annual Agaciro Development Fund sponsored championship. The blues defeated APR FC 1-0 thanks to a well taken brilliant free kick in the 87th minute by former APR left back Eric RUTANGA which went past goalie Emery MVUYEKURE. APR FC were forced to finish the game with ten men after Muhadjiri HAKIZIMANA was sent off, following a second bookable offence with fifteen minutes to end of the game. However, the win was not enough to grant them the blue title of winner. This had to be decided through a random draw as APR FC, Rayon Sports and AS Kigali all tied on six points but were separated by goals. Unlike the normal Article 7 championship regulations that tosses a coin to determine the winner, first and second runner-ups when teams tie on same points, Rayon Sports were declared winners and bagged the championships cash prize worth 3 million Rwandan Francs (approx. GBP £2,660) and a trophy. APR FC who finished second, pocketed 2 millions Rwandan Francs (approx. £1,770) while AS Kigali finished third to bag 1 million Rwandan Francs (approx. GBP£885). The tournament was organised by Rwanda Football Federation (FERWAFA) in the collaboration with AGACIRO Development Fund (Ag DF) as part of raising funds towards the Rwanda’s Sovereign Wealth Fund.
From: Belmont Primary
The footballer Neymar de Santos JR has left Spanish top liga "La Liga" in a multi-million euro deal. Neymar shocked the world as he moved to French Ligue 1 to join Paris Saint Germain. He is being paid a record breaking 200 million euros for changing teams. He left the revered front attack squad MSN, including world class players Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez. In the first game for his new club he scored and got an assist; a glorious start in a new team. He is now part of  a new attacking squad, who's ship-name is MCN (Kyilian Mbappe, Edison Cavani, and Neymar). Overall, many fans are angry with his decision, which was down to tax fraud problems with the Spanish court, and the money that he and his father Neymar SR will receive - hence the new nickname, 'Moneymar.'   Have your say!   By: Daniel
From: Barnes
The two-time F1 champion Fernando Alonso is on his way to the triple crown. The Spanish driver won in Monaco, and he has been training for Indy 500 (the American version of F1 that is raced on an oval track) at McLaren Honda. Fortunately, the Honda engine is able to compete with Chevrolet's engine - its biggest competitor. It will be a relief for him to be driving fast again. Many drivers think that Alonso has the race-pace but others doubt it. It will certainly be a challenge! The speed is much faster in Indy 500 than F1, with only four straightforward corners. In the qualifying round, 35-year old Alonso's average speed was 370 km/h! There is no such thing as braking in Indy. Will Alonso be able to adapt from F1 and be a winner?     Now reporting after the race and i am extremely sad that his pace couldn't last until the end. An engine failure occurred near to the end of the race. He had the lead for 3 laps but Takuma Sato  took the win. I am sure Alonso is disappointed but he will have a chance next year. By Tom.