From: St Osmunds
Exactly a year ago, during the night of the 14th and 15th of June 2017, a huge fire engulfed Grenfell Tower (a twenty seven storey tower block in West London) in flames. There are seventy one known deaths but there are still believed to be more; hundreds have been left homeless. It is thought that what caused the fire was an exploded fridge but there are still more theories. But still, a year on, the building still looks as if it has just been cremated. Tonight it will be lit green, and many vigils will be held in the memory of all those who died. People were told to stay in there rooms because it was thought that the doors to every flat was fire-proof, but it wasn't. Hours later the fire brigade changed their and just told everyone to get out: for some people it was too late. It is now believed that the reason the bock of flats went up in flames so quickly, was because of the cladding on the exterior of the building. An enquiry into the fire has begun hearing evidence this month. We now need to remember all the families that have been devastated by this tragedy and ensure this never happens again. By- Raphaela
From: Barnes
The TV presenter Ant McPartlin has been fined £86,000 and disqualified from driving for 20 months after admitting drink-driving. McPartlin spoke in court only to confirm his personal details and enter his guilty plea. But, through his lawyer, he expressed his remorse for what had happened. The 42-year-old entertainer crashed into two vehicles after taking a corner at speed while under the influence in Richmond, south-west London, last month. He was more than twice the legal limit. McPartlin's driving ban can be reduced by five months, to a total of 15 months, if he completes a drink-drive programme by May 2019. He collided with another Mini  before driving "straight into the front of an oncoming car". This was very unlike him.      
From: Barnes
A seal has been spotted living in the river Thames.  It is living in the area of river around Barnes Bridge in Richmond. Other residents have also seen it in the water in the area of Richmond upon Thames. In 1950 the Thames was considered biologically dead because of pollution but that has been reversed in recent years due to the improvement of the river's water quality. There have been seals in the Thames Estuary since 2010 but none have ventured much further up the river. The seal found in the river was a grey seal.
From: St Thomas'
A car accident recently took place in Kensal Town. We don’t know exactly how it happened but here is a summary of what we know. It happened  in January. It all  started when all the buses were on diversion, i.e., when they were re- routed. Much of Kensal Town was shut closed off at the time. A car was coming down from Harrow Road. Then a bus just began to pull away from the bus stop but a man driving a car was on his phone and he didn’t see the bus so it came to a halt to not drive into the chatty man. When the car driver realized what he had done the bus driver got very angry. Nobody is allowed to be on their phone or smoke in cars. It is against the law, so don't do it! It turned out that the crash itself was no big deal because no one got hurt, but what is important is: NEVER SMOKE OR PLAY ON YOUR PHONE WHEN YOUR DRIVING. It is dangerous, and you are committing a crime. By: James