From: St Osmunds
180 children are currently held in the prisons of Madagascar accused of stealing vanilla. They are often held in appalling conditions for years without a proper trial. Many children around the world suffer a similar fate. In Madagascar, selling vanilla is a trading policy, it sells for at least $150 in exporting markets . Stealing vanilla is a highly common crime there. It is a big business for the African island, an expensive commodity and people will try to get hold of it and sell it to make some more money for their often very poor families. Children are suffering a great deal in Madagascar just for stealing something as small as vanilla. The prison conditions there are abysmal. All these children have are concrete beds without mattresses and all are confined to tiny cells, cramped together. They are prisoners alongside 2000 other adults, many of whom have committed really big crimes and the prisons are only meant to hold 280 prisoners. Some haven't seen their mums in years because their families are very poor and can't travel to the prison. A BBC investigation dated 1st October 2019, found out that many of these children can spend more than 3 years in prison for that theft without even a trial. And when they go to trial, most of them don't even get a lawyer to defend them. In prison, they are miserable, dirty and only get one meal a day and no-one to care for them when they fall ill. Those are only some of the many children being held in prisons across the globe, children in Iraq are being punished because of things their parents did , Palestinian children have been captured and are being put into Iran's prisons for doing nothing more than protesting against grown up politics.  Innocent children everywhere are suffering in terrible conditions, they only have each other to rely on. According to the latest figures from Human Rights Watch and the UN's Child Fund, UNICEF, an estimated 1 million children are behind bars around the world today. In my eyes, it's  wrong to send children to jail at such young ages, in such poor living spaces. Human wrights groups are protesting against this but people in power just won't listen ! By Zandile Photo Cred : Getty Images
From: Barnes
Sir David Attenborough has been awarded a Green Blue Peter badge and is overjoyed to be able to have one. After years of his documentaries, Sir David has received the badge for bringing the natural world springing to life and inspiring some young people to protect and care for the natural environment (he has already taken care of the environment himself). Having already achieved his Gold Blue Peter badge, he now has a Green Blue Peter badge. Surprisingly, these Green Blue Peter badges are made of plastic yogurt pots!!! Sir David Attenborough was over the moon when he received the Green Blue Peter badge and thanked Lindsey Russell, the Blue Peter badge presenter.
From: St Osmunds
Gina Miller is a MP (Member of Parliament ) who is under police protection for being threatened to death for speaking up against Boris Johnson and the way Brexit is being conducted.  But she has now won two major victories in court for standing up for what she felt was right and lawful. In September 2017 the Supreme Court ruled in favour of giving MPs a say over triggering Article 50 - the legal mechanism taking the UK out of the EU. A case Gina Miller had fought for. She was sent a lot of messages including many death threats. She has two children who go to school and now their school has also got police surveying the area in case those blackmailing her go after her children too. She persevered in standing up for what she felt was right and won a second time when the Supreme Court ruled that our Prime Minister's decision to suspend Parliament during a time of crisis was unlawful. Gina Miller is now getting a lot of positive press for standing up against the bullies and never giving up. Those who wrote the mails blackmailing her wouldn't be able to get to her without getting caught and having the police after them (if they actually meant it). A majority feels that all these threats are wrong and must be punished. In July 2017, Rhodi Philipps, a man who abused her online was arrested and jailed. He was sentenced to 12 weeks in prison for using ''extreme racial abuse '' at Gina and offering huge amounts of money to someone who could hunt her down and assassinate her. In Gina Miller's memoirs she has written "As a child of the commonwealth, I had been brought up to believe Great Britain was a promised land, a culture where the law was embedded in the national fabric. '' After the ruling by the Supreme Court Mrs Miller told reporters the ruling showed the government "will push the law, they will push the constitution and they will even bend it to get their own way". She was named as Britains' most influential black person and is a real role model. by Eve Photo Credit : AFP
From: St Osmunds
BREAKING NEWS ! On  Tuesday 24th September the Supreme Court ruled that our Prime Minister Boris Johnson's decision to suspend Parliament for five weeks was unlawful. This was a unanimous verdict and as we go to press, no one knows what will happen next. All we know is that Mr Johnson is flying back early from a UN summit in New York and parliament has now been re-opened. When he was in New York, the PM gave a speech saying he "refused to be deterred" from getting on with "an exciting and dynamic domestic agenda", and to do that he would need a Queen's Speech. The BBC reported that the PM said he "profoundly disagreed" with the ruling but would "respect" it. There have been calls for him to resign.  But as this is a completely historic moment, we have no idea what will happen in the upcoming days and weeks. Could there be a new election? Will Brexit happen on 31st October? Watch this space, as this exciting story unfolds.   By Maria and Elise