From: Barnes
By 2050, it is predicted that there will be more plastic in our oceans than fish. We seriously need to do something about our plastic pollution. Plastic is terrible for the environment. David Attenborough really brought the issue home and now, brilliantly, we hear about it all the time. In countries and cities around the world, the call for the end of single-use plastics is at an all-time high. Stores such as Iceland and Ikea have introduced plastic bans that will go into effect within the next couple of years. Meanwhile, plastic straws and cutlery have been targeted by numerous retailers, including McDonald's in the UK, and having a plastic bag is enough to send you to jail in some countries. Bans on plastic bags have already proved to be extremely effective in the countries that have them. In the UK, for example, the introduction of a 5p plastic bag charge introduced in 2015 has brought about an 83% reduction in plastic bag use. Worldwide, about 2 million plastic bags are used every minute! In one hour our plastic pollution could fill the whole V&A museum! Plastics have changed the world. However, the rapid growth of middle-class and industrial economies has drastically increased the world's plastic consumption in recent decades – and infrastructure development has not kept pace. The result is a dramatic increase in plastic waste.
From: Barnes
The government has tried to stop children drinking energy drinks because of the amount of  sugar in them. This is bad for our health. Although people still drink these high in sugar offerings the makers have at least reduced the amount of energy drinks on sale in London. Some energy drinks might say they are for sport, but from my friend' experiences they don't help much. They did say that it tastes good  but they also said it gave them tummy aches. So in summary energy drinks have lots of sugar, don't help doing sport and can give you a tummy aches. I think we should choose not to have them.
From: St Osmunds
Children's Mental Health Week was celebrated from the 4th - 10th of February, and the theme this year was Healthy: Inside and Out. The week is aimed at how we take care of both our minds and bodies. Scott Lunn, from the NHS, explained why we must look after both our physical health and mental health. He said: 'Being healthy isn't just about looking after our bodies its about looking after our minds too. This is called mental health and is just as important as physical health. The two are connected; a healthy body strengthens the mind.' 'When we are experiencing emotions like anger, happiness or nervousness, our bodies show it too. If we angry, we may feel hot; if we are happy, we might feel energetic; if we are nervous, we might get butterflies in our tummy. This happens because blood moves away from the stomach to the brain, legs and arms in case you need to think or react quickly. That is how strong the link is between body and mind.' To stay both physically and mentally healthy, you must try to eat a balanced diet with a good variety of foods, including fruit and vegetables. Food like sweets, biscuits and sugary drinks will make your sugar levels rise but then fall rapidly, leaving you feeling tired and irritable. Being Active: Getting some exercise everyday will lead to a happy and healthy mind and along with an agile and fit body. Even ten minutes brisk walking or an hour of a favourite sport, can improve your alertness and/or energy mood. Sleep: Getting enough sleep and not staying up late will help you feel better and more energised and attentive. Staying up late looking at a screen "can harm your sleeping patterns", says the National Sleep Foundation. The blue light that the screen emits may effect the hormone, known as melatonin, that helps you sleep. Before going to bed the doctors recommend at least an hour away from the screen. Getting enough to eat: although vegetables and fruit are always portrayed as the best possible thing to eat, it is extremely important to have a balanced diet and indulge a mix of different foods, from all the different food groups: (dairy, vegetable, fruit and sweets) We hope you follow our advice to stay healthy, 'Inside and Out,' and spread this information to your friends and family members.  
From: Barnes
It is always better no deal than a bad deal. Isn't that right?     According to the vote to leave the European Union, we will have to leave the European Union in March 2019. With three months and counting until Britain leaves the EU, both sides want an exit agreement. But they still can't settle on one key point: how to keep the border free and open between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. They have not found a solution for what to do (apparently they're some of the best politicians in the world). On Saturday the  twentieth of October there was a march to Parliament Square. Just after noon on Saturday at Green Park in central London, the announcer had only one message. There I was among the shuffling crowds that packed the roads and thronged the pavements. The UK economic and political landscape has been dominated by BREXIT over the past two and years. Is it worth it? If it looks like it's going to leave us all worse off, shouldn't we have the chance to give our opinion on BREXIT? Especially after many people have changed their minds. Theresa May says she is taking the right decisions for Britain. Really? Some people have said that we may need a new prime minister to get BREXIT but no one knows if it is true.